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Other things you might want to know about me.

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I haven’t always been an English teacher.

I used to work for a large financial company in Edinburgh for 15 years.  I wore many hats in my time there (I love hats) – Customer Service Representative, Business Trainer, Team Manager, Business Change Consultant and Project Manager.

Before that I spent six months working in Edinburgh’s most famous department store – Jenners – in their toy department – over the Christmas period.  Some would run a mile at the thought of a toy department during the Christmas chaos, but not me, I loved it!

Things I LOVE

I LoVe languages – I attend an upper intermediate Spanish class and a post beginners French class and if really really pressed I think I could pull some German out of the dusty depths of my brain!

I also love learning about my own language, it’s so vast and fascinating. Want to know more about this exciting language – book a trial with me and let’s discover words and phrases together!